Bring D.C. under submission to the will of the people.

National and Online Resources

Constitutional Grassroots Movement


It is our mission to get Constitutionally sound candidates elected regardless of party. We believe the only sound path for this nation is to follow the rule of law, our constitution. Sadly, many of our current elected officials do not see it that way. Our current political system follows party line, causing us to be forced into voting the lesser of two evils. It is our hope and intent to change that dichotomy.

The Founding Project


As an educational nonprofit organization, we are committed to a grassroots effort to provide approachable, accessible information about the Founding Principles, America’s Founding, the United States Constitution, Civics and related concepts via the TFP website, video series, meme series, educational materials and social media to promote unity and understanding and to restore and preserve our constitutional republic.

National Constitutional Coalition of Patriotic Americans


The National Constitutional Coalition of Patriotic Americans mission is to restore the United States to our Constitutional government through peaceful and lawful measures. We are dedicated to increasing awareness of the meaning, message and mission of the Constitution and its relevance in the everyday lives of American citizens.