The Grid Runner

America, We are in trouble.

We, The Peoplehave forgotten how to work together and if there were ever a time to do so, it has come. The last great president we had said these immortal words:

“Freedom is never more than one generation away from extinction. We didn’t pass it to our children in the bloodstream. It must be fought for, protected, and handed on for them to do the same.”
~ Ronald Reagan

He was afforded the luxury of optimism. We haven’t got that long. Through Social Media we have instant access to everyone’s thoughts in real time. That coupled with the anonymity an on line presence offers, emotional reaction has come to govern our not-so-civil discourse. Trying to discuss issues facing us is impossible when there is no consequence for intellectual dishonesty, false narratives and hate-filled rhetoric presents a major hurdle to overcome. Ask yourself one thing, would you talk to people face to face the way you do on line? People are less inclined to filter their opinions when online but they are also less likely to filter their emotional reactions. When looking someone in the eye, there is a connection that cannot exist on Social Media. It is that connection that I would like to facilitate.

The concept of The Grid Runner is simple. I intend to scour the Grid (Internet) in search of resources that can benefit us in our effort to restore American exceptionalism. With a vacancy of leadership in the political arena, a lack of knowledge among the electorate and a Federal Government that has long since escaped its Constitutional confines it is incumbent on our generation (all who are alive at the time of this writing) to pursue every means necessary to ensure Liberty thrives for many years to come.

With all the information, organizations, communities and people available at our fingertips, there is no excuse to avoid participating any longer. You do not have to teach but you may know someone who does. You do not have to make phone calls, but you can send emails. You do not have to be a speaker but you can attend events. You do not have to run for office but you can vote for those among US who are. You do not have to own a Website or Social Media page but you can be an administrator. You may not have the time but you can help with finances. The point is, we need to take many approaches to accomplish the task at hand and all of those approaches are available for us to utilize. Complaining on Social Media has its place but some very intelligent people are connected with you there that could benefit all of us more if they had greater exposure.

  • If you are an educator or are affiliated with an educational organization focused on Civics or American history, I want to give you students.
  • If you are passionate about vetting candidates for office at the Local, County, District, State, or National Level, I want to help you find candidates to vet.
  • If you are in charge of or work for organizations that track government (at any level) activities for corruption, I want to help you share your results.
  • If you have a desire for reliable and accurate news, I want to point you to the most trusted sources among your peers.
  • If you are adept at political strategy, I want to put you in a war room (think tank).
  • If you are connected with a think tank, I want to bring you new members.
  • If you are public speaker, I want to bring you an audience.
  • If you are involved in a new or alternate party, I want to increase your membership.
  • If you are in need of funds to accomplish a specific task or hold an event, I want to match you with donors.
  • If you want to create or be a part of a Real-World Constitutional Network Nationwide, Regionally, Statewide or Locally, I want to arrange the meeting.
  • If you want to make a difference in this country, I want to gather every tool, resource and connection available that could help make that possible.

This site is organized in such a way as to make things readily accessible. At the Home Screen are four buttons.

Unity – This links directly to the Patriot Power Grid, a United States map which is fully interactive. Click on a state to go to a page dedicated to all resources in that state. This is currently unpopulated with any information. As people provide the resources, information will become available.

Strategy – The Foundations of Freedom are found here. It is the Blog page so any exciting breakthroughs or milestones worthy of note will be found there. The Founding Documents give us the road map to our destination of a better America than we have now.

TacticsOur Common Cause provides links to online organizations whose purpose is to advance the cause of Liberty in their own particular way. Check it out as I am sure more will soon be available.

Sign UpGet Active to make things happen in the Real World. This is a registration form to help people connect. I will not use the contact information provided for anything other than forming a network of contacts, sending an occasional progress report or linking patriots with one another by area or cause.

If the Leftists can organize a flash mob within minutes to harass a politician in a public place then we can organize three or four Constitutionally-minded people in a county to coordinate efforts for the advancement of Liberty. We all have skills. We all bring something to the table. We all have something to contribute. We just need to find each other, meet face to face and establish strategic methods by which we can effectively reverse the tide that is sweeping the America that we were given, away.

In order to effectively Hold The Line, first we have to form it

The Grid Runner – Unity Strategy Tactics

​by: EB

The Grid Runner – Unity Strategy Tactics

The Grid Runner – Unity Strategy Tactics

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  1. This is inspiring and breathtaking in scope. The purposes of this undertaking are organized beautifully and presented exceptionally. My heart has been bleeding for the country I love dearly; I have been searching for ways and means to contribute in some small way to a return to the Constitution, to sanity, in America. This is extremely exciting and inspiring; something I would love to be a part of

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